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    Helping businesses measure, manage and achieve their environmental impact goals.
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  • Over 80% of Consumers Look For Sustainable Products.

    The consumer market is evolving and the demand for sustainable products is at an all time high.
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  • New Mandatory Reporting Regulations by the SEC.

    The SEC just passed new regulations for publicly traded companies to report emissions.

Our Focus

Here at SC&B Green, we are your partner in navigating and understanding the new age of sustainability and specialize in providing solutions for businesses that want to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and improve their environmental performance. We help you track your emissions, set realistic and ambitious targets, and implement effective strategies to reach them. With our global network of partners, we have specialists in every aspect of sustainability to provide effective solutions and assist you along your journey. Whether you are a small or large business, we can help you become more sustainable and profitable.

Why SC&B Green?

Our Experience

Decades of expertise in optimizing business efficiency, coupled with a dedicated focus on sustainable practices, make us your ideal partner in sustainability.

ROI Focused

 Where sustainability meets efficiency. Our approach ensures your investment in green practices leads to tangible, optimized returns.

Our Partners

Our global network of partners consists of industry leaders who bring new and innovative solutions to every aspect of sustainability.

AI Powered

From data processing to optimization, we harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to streamline your journey to become more sustainable.   

150 tons

CO2e Reduced




Global Partners


Trees Planted

What We Do

We are your guide to a more sustainable and profitable future.

NetZero Navigation

We determine your carbon footprint and help you along the journey to a more sustainable future.


ROI based ways to reduce emissions and increase efficiency. 

Carbon Tracking

Target Setting and Planning



Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)

Risk Analysis

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Learn about how you can be more sustainable and profitable.

SEC Regulations Mandatory Emissions Reporting 

The SEC is now requiring publicly traded companies to report their emissions effective March 2024

Demand for Green Suppliers is Higher than Ever

Most Fortune 500 companies are about to require suppliers to report and reduce their emissions.

More than Consulting

We are more than a consulting company. We are a team of experts who help you design and implement sustainability projects that benefit your business and the community. We offer innovative solutions that reduce your environmental impact, enhance your social responsibility, and increase your profitability.

 Green Projects

From planting trees as a community outreach program to doing river cleanups. We can design and orchestrate green projects to increase your reach and build your brand.

Green Marketing and Brand Development

In your journey to be more sustainable, we can help you let people know and develop your reputation providing eco-friendly products.

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For queries, reach out

If you have any questions or want to learn more about sustainability and SC&B Green, please feel free to reach out and get in contact with one of our sustainability experts.